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In an article by Meaghan Craig from Global News (2015), she discusses how there is a concern about older adults access to health care including long wait times. This article brings to light how long everyone in Canada, especially older adults, wait to receive treatment in hospitals. After thoroughly going through this article, I believe that there are various strengths to it, including its trustworthy resources – Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) – and direct quotes from CIHI’s vice president, Jeremy Veillard. On the other hand there are some initial concerns about the article, like the fact that they reference that the Saskatoon Health Region confirmed that “601 people left emergency departs in December without being seen”…show more content…
Once you arrive at the emergency room, you experience more waiting depending on your current condition. Some of these waits depend on: length of stay, time waiting for assessment, condition, waiting for inpatient bed, and lack of resources. Finally, when you’re ready to leave the emergency department waits can occur, like waiting for an inpatient bed or a ride home (CIHI, 2012). All of these reasons impact the growing wait times, with older adults becoming more frequent in emergency departments and the increasing population of older adults these wait times are going to continue to grow causing more harm than good, if older adults are unable to receive the appropriate care in a timely matter (Cooke, Oliver, & Burns, 2012). To properly reduce these wait times in Canada and to bring it up to par with the international average, Canada will need to start changing things province by province. This will ensure all citizens, especially our older adults, are receiving the best possible care. Some changes could be financial incentives, policies, increase available resources, and implement new technologies to increase patient flow (CIHI, 2012). The Global News article brings to light how bad the wait times in emergency rooms really are with people 55 and older waiting more than 2 days to see a doctor. This article informs the public of the situation providing enough statistics and resources in a reader friendly tone, while giving examples of how a province, like Saskatchewan, is
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