An Article On Effective Technology Use

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Our classroom text states that “qualitative research is the collection, analysis, and interpretation of comprehensive narrative and visual data to gain insights into a particular phenomenon of interest” (Gay, Mills, & Airasian, 2012, p.7). Qualitative researchers strive to establish validity by eliciting a sense of trustworthiness through neutrality and objectivity, addressing the stability of data, and fair and impartial evaluation (Saldaña, 2013). Researchers favor this method due to its emphasis on observing participants in their natural environment. There are some in the research and education field that feel certain kinds of educational issues and inquiries do not lend themselves to methods that employ numerical analysis and try to control variables in very complex and controlled environments. Qualitative researchers on the other hand state that findings should be resultant upon research done in real-world settings in order to have application in real world settings (Gay, Mills, & Airasian, 2012). Research Topic and Purpose Topic The topic of this article explores effective technology use in the classroom and allowing teachers to self-question and unravel their own technology issues. Teachers are in essence the researchers as well as participants. The author supports the use of technology in the classroom and he states that “the use of technology is a defining characteristic of twenty-first century education and should be required
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