An Article On English Translation Module

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This commentary is made upon the target text of a past timed-text of the Specialised Portuguese – English Translation module. The source text consists of a report published in Lisbon in October of 2009, in the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã. The language is Portuguese; the sublanguage Portuguese from Portugal; and as stated in the specification sheet given along with the source text, no author or journalist signed the extract.

The text is part of the journalism genre and, following Halliday’s categories of Register , it can be said that the text’s “field” is the description of an incident occurred with the Portuguese airlines TAP; the “tenor” is the part of Portugal’s population who are readers from the newspaper Correio da Manhã; and the “mode” is written text – the specification sheet doesn’t state if it’s a piece of online news or from a printed newspaper. The language used is accessible and does not make use of specific terminologies or vocabulary that are unfamiliar to the national readership; the newspaper is a read general publication and the text seems to be aimed at a broad and national audience. Although the text would be categorised on what Reiss called an “informative text” , while its primary function is the “plain communication of facts” its focus also presents features of an “expressive text” if considered that the form that it was written plays a rather important role on presenting the subject in an accessible way.

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