An Article On Islamic Mathematics

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Abstract: - This is an article on Islamic Mathematics. Islamic mathematics is dated back to the 8th and 13th centuries CE. The mathematics in the Middle East is an expansion of what great Greek philosophers had already found and studied. Much of what the Middle Eastern mathematicians discovered helped influence European mathematics. In fact, a lot of what high school math teachers teach our current generations is Algebra, which was discovered by an Islamic Mathematician. Key-Words: - Al-Khwarizmi, Algebra, Completing the square, zero 1 Introduction Since ancient times, mathematics has always been a necessity for the sake of civilization. Many different cultures developed their own numerical system to adapt to changing times. Even though the numerical systems were different, they all had one thing in common, no written form for the number zero. An Islamic mathematician was the first to introduce the number zero in the numerical system. However, the introduction of a new numerical system was not the only contribution this Islamic mathematician was all about. Moreover, the Middle East is the birthplace of Algebra. Algebra has been used for many centuries throughout the world. In today’s world, Algebra is a fundamental skill one needs to know and understand before one can graduate from high school. We all owe these two major contributions to mathematics to Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi 2 Al-Khwarizmi Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi is probably the most famous Muslim mathematician
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