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Making Strange Exercise In this article, I am going to introduce a house that is widely bought by the majority of people on earth. Although it is not that grandeur, this rectangular block still functions as a living area efficiently. The size of the house is decided by the construction company and varies a lot. Some houses are like skyscrapers while others are much smaller that even could be portable. In terms of external looks, normally, the outer walls are painted in just one colour. White and silver grey are the most common choices. Some residents may prefer a much more diversified exterior. When they consider buying this estate, they may ask the construction company to offer a personal design to paint the wall hot pink, light yellow, sea blue, etc. and even adds special cartoon characters or graffiti. The construction material of the house also differs according to the needs of the client. Some residents want their house covered with wood to create a sense of nature. Houses made of metal leave the visitors an impression of modern living style. Also, a number of houses especially the smaller ones are even made of plastic and their prices are much lower. In contrast to the some estates whose geographical location are almost predesigned and fixed, the customer can choose where to locate this house. Most of the houses have a large front door. Nowadays, there are also some companies with advanced skills and technology that can build a house with double or triple doors, and
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