An Article On Morality And Foreign Policy

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Kat Wallace, ITS 365B, Section 3, 9/21/2015 George F. Kennan 1985/86 Morality and Foreign Policy. Foreign Affairs 64(2):205-218. George F. Kennan, author of the article Morality and Foreign Policy, asserts that, “Government is an agent, not a principal” (Kennan 206), their needs have no moral quality. Additionally, the U.S is often asked to take action on concerns such as, the annexation of Crimea, where many attempted to play to the U.S’s morality, but the fact is that helping Crimea would not have served national interests, so while Russia was acting immorally, the U.S had no reason to act. Other issues, including World War I and World War II because we were either attacked (like the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor) or it served out state’s interests. Intervening in World War II ended the conflict, and while the U.S looked like heroes to the global community, we entered the war too late to save the six million Jews that died. “The conduct of diplomacy is the responsibility of the government” (Kennan 205) because, “the functions, commitments, and moral obligations of governments are not the same as those of the government” (Kennan 2015). The individual has a different subset of morals and obligations than the state does. The state primarily serves one interest; their own. In serving the interests of the state, such interests have no moral quality. Additionally, the government need only be concerned with military, political life, and well-being of its people, which arise

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