An Article On Physical Evidence

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Physical Evidence: I read an article via U.S. News about an aging woman who needed to see a doctor, but in order to see that doctor she first had to descend the stairs, which was a seemingly impossible task. It got so bad that her children had to carry her down the stairs. Her kids described themselves as a bunch of gorillas doing the best they could. Her children were very frustrated because they felt like their mother was receiving very fragmented care that was time-consuming and physically and emotionally exhausting for the entire family.“It just got to a point where we realized we couldn’t move this person, but her family also believed that she didn’t belong in a nursing home, so the main question was what was the family to do? (Miller, 2015) The family decided to call Dr. Ernest Brown , a 47-year-old family physician in the District of Columbia who runs a house call-only independent practice. Until Jacobsen’s mom’s death about five years later, Brown served as her primary provider, coordinating with other doctors for more specialized care, driving her to the hospital himself and eventually setting up a type of in-house hospice care for her, where doctors, nurses and specialists came to her. Some weeks, he visited every day. Her family felt like she was finally getting the care that she deserved, but not just her, they felt like everyone should have that quality of care. For Dr. Brown, also known as the ”House Call Doctor" one of the most rewarding aspects of his job…
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