An Article On The Death Of Reading

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Advancements, never ending, never ceasing advancements. Children glued to screens, parents buying new video games, new computers, new phones, new everything. How has it taken so long for us to notice that our generation is slowly becoming wrapped up in our own worlds, neglecting the people around us. Everything around us is about efficacy, what will get me what I want fastest? We want what we want and we want it as fast as possible. This change in time and the advancements in our society has taken a toll on us. Our minds have lost the ability to focus on one task for longer than an hour. This is most evident in our reading habits, we no longer read long articles or sit down with a good book, we skim. This has been something that people have noticed for years, in 1991 Mitchell Stephens wrote an article titled The Death of Reading. “Three people sit in a doctor 's waiting room. One stares at the television that rests on an end table, the second fiddles with a hand-held video game; the head of the third is wrapped in earphones. A couple of kids, waiting for bedtime, lie on the floor of a brightly painted room, busily manipulating the controls of a video game. Two hundred people sit in an airplane. Some have brought their own tapes, some doze, most stare up at a small movie screen.”(Stephens par 1). We have become bored with our day to day lives. The social aspects of our lives are only through a screen. Libraries have faded into the background, and kids do all their homework
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