An Article On The Middle East

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Nowadays whether you are reading an article on a news paper or you are watching the news on television you will notice that there is a common topic always covered: issues in the Middle East. This region has an ancient and fascinating history that dates back to archaic times. It has generally been considered a major centre of international trade and cultural development. However in recent times this region has been home to different conflicts that have divided the world to the point that Western countries are now weary and extremely cautious when engaging with this area. Nevertheless when the Middle East is analasyed in order to explain the current situation there is a lack of focus on the external factors that have shaped and developed the region to its modern form.
In this essay I am going to give a concise description of the region’s demography and territory with the intent to define the limits of what is interpreted as Middle East.
Successively I will provide a brief summary of the history and evolution of the area from the fall of the Roman Empire to the second half of the twentieth century, highlighting the fundamental events and factors that have signed the constitution of the region as we know it.
I am then going to describe the main forms of government that have characterized the generation of the modern states that are part of the contemporary Middle East.
Finally I will analyse and focus on the external forces and elements that have shaped and continue to shape…

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