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The Missing Link #4: Productivity
By Kyre Adept
Nov 14, 2012
Are you feeling stuck or paralyzed in your life or business? Do you spend way too much time on the internet, reading your email, drinking coffee or the equivalent because you just can 't focus on work? The fact is that many people are slackers and drifters, with mediocre lives…

The good news is that in the teleconference series on The Missing Link to Success, we look at the five components that I have found are central to creating a prosperous life. Here 's the formula:


As well as the article called The Missing Link to Success, which provides an overview of the whole series, there is an article for each of these 'Five Ps ', so look for them wherever you found this article! I 'm going to assume you 've read the summary article plus the articles on Passion, Purpose and Position, because each components builds on the previous ones. Once you have reset the first three Ps, you are ready to improve your capacity to be PRODUCTIVE.

What does this mean? Why is it important to be productive? The main dictionary definition of productive is: "yielding favorable or useful results; being constructive; effective in achieving specified results." (There are also specialized meanings in economics, medicine and linguistics, but the main meanings will do.)

In work terms, productivity means being able to focus on your assigned (or assumed) tasks, and to
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