An Article On Theories Of Career Development

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This article is about theories of career development. By applying the theories to my career developments, evaluating the strength and weakness of those theories, then I took my parents’ working experience as examples, finally came up with my theory that should be used when making a vocational choice.
Applying Theories to My Career Development
There are two career development theories which is quite coinciding with my career development. The first one is the vocational choice theory of Holland (1997), it teaches me how to choose a career at the very beginning. Holland’s theory is based on the assumptions that the individuals always make vocational choices based on their personalities and interest inventories is essentially the same as personality inventories. Holland supposes the psychological relevant stereotypical view will influence the occupational choices individuals make. What’s more, he believes that individuals can identify vocational goals by clarifying their personality and they can only be successful and content if they choose their jobs congruent with their personalities. Thus Holland classifies six pure personality types and six working environments which are realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional. Actually Holland’s theory help me a lot in my career development, especially when I was confused about my future. Holland provides an instrument showing occupational titles and activities which are suitable for the six…
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