An Article On Turning Water

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Turning water to ice is a relatively long process from start to finish. Is there a way to speed up this process by simply changing the water temperature?
Problem statement: If an average person needs ice in a hurry, is there a way to speed it up? Would they be able to make ice faster by using cold water or would they be better off using hot water? If adjusting the water temperature by a couple of degrees will this provide ice quicker; would it be worth trying? The following experiment will address this question and the results of using different water temperatures will include a more expedient way for the average person to make ice.
Literature Review
Even though freezing water seems like a pretty basic concept by many people; a lot actually goes on within this so called simple process. There have been many experiments that examined the scientific process of freezing water.
Nature International weekly journal of science had an article about freezing water and how it the process was so complicated that it had never been successfully simulated by a computer. In this experiment the experimenter was noticing how larger bodies of water would start to freeze throughout nature when the water would start to cool until finally freezing to ice. The complicated problem is when the water starts to cool and the hydrogen bonding between the individual water molecules yield a disordered three-dimensional hydrogen-bond network. The experimenter noticed that using different types of
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