An Article On Video Games Online

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In this article the author says that some men who play video games online make sexually harassing comments to women who also enjoy playing games online. The author describes these young men as “bizarrely embittered.” He takes issue with research that claims men harass women online because they are poorly skilled. His conclusion and his idea for a solution are quite simple.

What is the author 's main claim para 1
The author’s main point is that these young men are misogynists. He says these attacks are unprovoked and directed at feminists. Feminists are the victims in these events, and Marcotte places all the blame for these actions on the young men. He believes that all these attacks are unprovoked, however he has no evidence to support this. He also believes that men only target women and feminists in their attacks. He believes that this activity is harassment and these men are sexist, bitter and angry. The author states that these men “inchoate rage at all sorts of women they encounter.” The only reason women are picked on is that they are women and they are playing video games online with young men.

Marcotte disagrees with the psychological researchers and Caitlin Dewey who argue that men who lash out against women are losers and just trying to get women’s attention. Marcotte argues that the men would compliment women if they really wanted to get attention. The researchers believe that our contemporary culture is conditioning our young men to view women in this way.…
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