An Article Reporting The Results Of A Primary Nursing Research Study

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Literature Review A literature review was conducted in order to locate an article reporting the results of a primary nursing research study published within the last year. A literature search was performed using the databases PubMed and CINAHL to identify relevant evidence from the nursing literature supporting the lack of palliative care being provided to heart failure patients, and the barriers impeding these services. PubMed was used to locate the primary nursing research article on September 25, 2015. This database contains archives of medical and life sciences journal literature for the U.S. National Institutes of Health. “Heart failure” and “palliative care” were the initial search terms used, yielding 5,958 search results. To further narrow down the search results, an advanced search builder was used to limit the number of articles retrieved based on the printed publication date. The appropriate date range for pertinent articles was within the last year, specifically no earlier than September 2014, to ensure the inclusion of current and accurate research information. From there, the research article chosen was based on personal interest surrounding the perceptions of palliative care in heart failure patients reviewed in this particular research study article. Importance of the Article Topic Although similarities exist with the prognosis and symptoms of cancer, the frequency of palliative care received among heart failure patients is much lower. Heart
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