An Article That Helped Break Down Phonemes And I Found The Blending Wheel Article

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Throughout the past semester, I’ve gained a lot of experience when it comes to teaching. I’ve learned more than I ever knew before and am gaining more experience in the actual field instead of “babysitting” at after school programs. That being said, while watching not only my mentee but the other mentees at Kids Count I’ve come to realize the two biggest things they struggled at is reading and mathematics. Most students there struggle reading in general but they also struggle in pronouncing words. I sought to find an article that helped break down phonemes and I found the Blending Wheel article. What drew me to this specific article was the fact that this was a specific activity (a pretty cool one in fact), instead of instruction help. For the other article, most students there also struggle with the basics of mathematics, so I wanted to find an article that helped students learn mathematics in a fun way. I liked the shared story article because it brought together something that most people don’t think of: reading and mathematics. It’s great for us to realize as instructors that everything is related and can be used in conjunction with another. The first article, Blending Wheels: Tools for Decoding Practice, focuses on a tool, the blending wheel, which will help struggling readers of all ages practice blending sounds. A blending wheel consists of three concentric circles with a brass fastener. Each circle has letters on it that when spun, are combined to form words. The

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