An Article Written By Milich, Balentin & Lynam ( 2001 )

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The article written by Milich, Balentin & Lynam (2001) struck me by surprise when they began to talk about when ADD was added into the DSM. They stated that when it was added with the hyperactivity sub-type in the DSM-III that there was little to no research to support its validity. They said that it was put into the DSM to produce almost a curiosity so that people would investigate the subtype. I would never have thought that the DSM would put in a subtype or a category without an ample about of research to back it up. Many people rely on the DSM as a way to diagnose different clients; to add something in without the proper research supporting it does not seem ethical to me. It would be different if they released an article about this new subtype to promote a curiosity about it so that others would research its validity but not just publishing it in the DSM even though in the end it did catch the attention of researchers like it was hoped for. The different clusters as noted in the same paper also were quite interesting, especially when talking to their teachers about how they were in school. Most of the time you hear about ADHD children, you hear about the hyperactivity and impulsiveness. It is interesting to see that depending on the different cluster of the one study that they child was is, that they may have different behaviors in school. They discussed anti-social children and the anxious, unpopular, almost obnoxious children with the same disorder. It is interesting

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