Essay on An Asian Growing Up in America

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An Asian Growing Up in America The air would always be humid and stuffy while riding the bus to school, and the slightest bump in the road would result in tossing up the kids like salad. The backseat would provide carriage for all the popular and tough kids shouting out at pedestrians on the street or flipping off a middle finger to the bus driver that would shout for them to calm down. I despised those kids in the back. They were the same people that made my life a living hell, while growing up and attending an American school. My parents sometimes got the notion that they knew everything in my life. They constantly advised me to eat my vegetables, do my homework, and put the toilet seat down after going to the bathroom. Yet, I…show more content…
Stomping my feet on the ground to keep my blood flowing, I folded my arms to fight the air stinging my face. I just wanted this day, like any other day, to be over with as quick as possible. The hood of my jacket covered my eyes, and when I looked up, it came to my surprise that five kids had circled around me, with huge grins on their faces, bearing their teeth at me like a pack of wolves to a helpless rabbit. I wanted to disappear and be someone else, anyone else. I wanted to be that fat kid on the bench eating potato chips without a care in the world, or to be in the shoes of that one girl in the corner reading some book for homework, but not here, not in these old worn out sneakers. Out of the blue, they started counting down “5…. 4…. 3…” and those five seconds made more butterflies in my stomach than ten minutes sitting in a theater watching a horror movie by myself. “2…1…” anticipating for all of them to jump me right there, I stiffened myself for the beating, but my surprise, just one fist flew across the wintry air and grated my right cheek. Although the punch had minimal pain, I burned with fury to the thought that these ruffians wanted to pick a fight with me when Christmas was only a few weeks away. I threw my candy cane on the floor, which shattered into tiny granules of sugar. The kid that swung at me was about a foot taller than me, and according to his friends jeering for the two
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