An Assessment And Action Plan For Self Improvement

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Leadership Qualities to Develop:
An Assessment and Action Plan for Self-Improvement
Carolann Stanek
University of Mary Leadership Qualities to Develop:
An Assessment and Action Plan for Self-Improvement Influential nurse leaders need to demonstrate specific characteristics in order to effectively lead within a healthcare organization. A MSN/MBA in Healthcare Administration prepared nurse should uphold leadership competencies detailed by the American Organization of Nurse Executives [AONE] and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN]. A nurse leader must self-assess strengths, limitations, and values, as well as identify opportunities for personal and professional growth. In this paper, I will explore desired
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Specifically, the nurse leader will acquire the ability to facilitate change, advance a culture of excellence, promote lifelong learning for self and others, foster collaborative multi-disciplinary care teams, design advanced nursing practices, assimilate services across the healthcare organization, and implement evidence into practice (AACN, 2011). These leadership skills are learned and demonstrated through AACN’s (2011) following nine essentials during master’s-level nursing education.
• Essential I: Background for Practice from Sciences and Humanities - Requires that the master’s-prepared nurse integrates evidence-based findings for the continual improvement of nursing care across diverse settings.
• Essential II: Organizational and Systems Leadership - Distinguishes organizational and systems leadership are critical to the promotion of high quality and safe patient care. Leadership skills that emphasize ethical and critical decision making, effective working relationships, and a systems-perspective are needed.
• Essential III: Quality Improvement and Safety - Recognizes that a master’s-prepared nurse must be skilled in the methods, tools, performance measures, and standards related to quality for application in a healthcare system.
• Essential IV: Translating and Integrating Scholarship into Practice - Outlines that the master’s-prepared
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