An Assessment Focusing on a Selected Job Department in an Electrical Company

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Assessment focusing on selected job department in an electrical company Introduction Manufacturing industries are among the leading industries that determine the economy of the world today. With the new technology influencing almost every sector of career operations currently, the work of most engineering professions is sized to enable effective and efficient production processes. The electrical manufacturing industry cannot work without clearly defined roles and responsibilities of the various personnel. These departments work in line with the organizations set objectives to achieve the overall production goal of the company. In electrical manufacturing companies, much as all staff is important in achieving the overall goal, the work of the overall electrical engineer is the backbone of the production process. The responsibilities of the electrical engineer are significant in the production process of the company. Such responsibilities are as follows (Bird, 2007). To begin with, the electrical engineer has the task of conferring with the other engineers and the customers to identify and evaluate existing and potential production projects and goods to be produced. The electrical engineer aliases with the customers to identify the electrical products they need hence helping the company determine the products to manufacture. Secondly, the electrical engineer is charged with the task of designing the various electrical instruments, equipment and systems (Bird, 2007). The

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