An Assessment For A Client Based On The Bio Psycho Social Spiritual Model

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This paper will reflect an assessment for a client based on the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model. This paper will also assess presenting problem this client has faced and how these problems affect the client’s system’s functioning. In addition to analyzing the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model the student social worker will discuss developing a treatment plan for this clients and determine the effectiveness of the treatment plan design. Briefly, the client that this paper will discuss is an African American male veteran (Mr. B), 70, diagnosed with prostate cancer. Mr. B is having difficulty expressing to his children about his illness, his progression of cancer has become more rigorous therefore causing a major health decline. His…show more content…
Lately, Mr. B has been forgetting to pay his bills and hasn’t be too responsive to the hospice staff. As a result of, his unresponsiveness the hospice staff at New Century has decided to increase his monthly visit and possibly get a volunteer to do weekly visits. His motivation for seeking services is because he was referred by his physician but while being on hospice services he has recognizes that he is slowly declining and getting weaker each day. Mr. B take full advantage of the social services that New Century Hospice offers, he has a limited food supply due to the lack of a vehicle, and he utilizes the spiritual care services provided. However, Mr. B identifies as a man of Christian faith and receives biweekly visit from the Chaplain to exercise his Christian beliefs; but it is clear that Mr. B has some reservation towards his Christian values because he often questions his salvation. Bio-psycho-social-spiritual Model According to Walsh, the main purpose of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model is to help social workers organize this perspective for client assessment and intervention purposes (Walsh, 2009). In reference to the biological aspect of this model for Mr. B, he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer which indicates that his physical health is diminishing. As far as his body image Mr. B, seems very cleanly he regularly practices his activities of daily living which incudes but is not limited to bathing, shaving, brushing
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