An Assessment Instrument Is Aimed At Stage 2

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This assessment instrument is aimed at stage 2, year 4 addressing the outcomes: problem-solving strategies (PSS2.5), games and sports (GSS2.8) and growth and development (GDS2.9). Through self-evaluation, students reflect on their understanding and learning. Teachers are able to provide appropriate feed back to student’s responses and also consider their teaching strategies in response to the student’s comments and opinions. At the minimum, students should be expected to listen, understand and follow the rules of a game, willing to participate and have some experience in communicating with team members to solve problems or tasks. Students should be able to ask for help if need when faced with simple problems and be able to draw on past experiences to solve problems that are similar and suggest alternative solutions. Students also need experience in identifying who to ask for help and when to ask, can follow advice and basic procedure on using new equipment. Students must also be able to demonstrate the fundamental movement skills when playing and sharing equipment with peers. Students need to be able to respond to verbal and nonverbal directions, identify various games and play equipments and have experience in recognising efficient ways in using a variety of game equipment such as grip, action or stance. Lastly, students should be able to identify how people grow and change, be able to identify and describe their personal characteristics and abilities, which make them both
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