An Assessment of Articles Related to Medicine

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Assessment of Articles L. Keeley. (2007). Reducing the risk of ventilator-acquired pneumonia through head of bed elevation. Nursing in Critical Care 2007 12(6). Keeley frames the problem to be addressed as how clinicians can reduce the occurrence and severity of ventilator-acquired pneumonia (VAP), which affects up to 25% of all ventilated patients in hospitals. Seventy percent of patients who die of acute respiratory distress syndrome have VAP and VAP is the leading cause of deaths among all hospital-acquired infections. The research did incorporate statistical research. The statistical methodology included randomly separating the targeted population into two groups and applying different interventions to each one. Keeley found that patients who were inclined at a 45 degree angle were less likely to contract VAP than those at a 25 degree angle. Thus, the article did support the proposed change to reduce incidence. The sample size, however, was too small to make any statistically significant finding. Ka Yi Yeung and Ying Yu Chui: An exploration of factors affecting Hong Kong ICU nurses in providing oral care. Journal of Critical Nursing 19, 3063 3072 The authors examine whether or not Hong Kong intensive care nurses provide oral care to patients with VAP since oral care has been shown to improve patient outcome. The authors used a qualitative methodology rather than a quantitative/statistical one. This is not meant to be a criticism of the study; often a qualitative
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