An Assessment of Community Health Needs

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An example of community that is defined by geography would be a neighborhood or residential area. Houses clustered together share a common space. The local economy with local businesses is also considered to be a part of the neighborhood community. Members of the community are stakeholders in the health of the community, and have shared interest in the common spaces in the neighborhood.
Some communities are not bound at all by geography. These types of community transcend geography with variables such as lifestyle, religion, worldview, or ethnicity. The community that transcends geographic boundaries can be comprised of a large, or even dominant, culture. Or, the community can be a subordinate or subculture. A person can therefore be a member of more than one community at the same time; most individuals are in fact members of more than one community including the community defined by neighborhood or geography.
Therefore, all types of communities have some sort of shared interest or shared resources. A community can be defined by something loose like the practice of skateboarding. Or, a community can be defined by a comprehensive worldview, as with religious communities. Some communities coalesce around shared ethnic heritage or group identities, which may or may not inform other aspects of an individual's life such as…
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