An Assessment of Housing Policies in the UK

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Housing Policies in the U.K Name Institution Professor Course Date Assessment of Housing Policies in U.K Introduction Housing is a basic necessity for all individual. In coming up with housing facilities, there are policies and strategies set in place to ensure that the housing is convenient for human shelter. In the United Kingdom, the human housing environment is acknowledged as a setting affecting health. Epidemiological, quasi-studies have attributed the relation to the housing construction methodologies as well as the indoor quality systems in across the country (Bonnefoy, 2007). The context of this paper familiarize with the strategically imposed policies of housing, how housing policy making has changed over years, the policies followed in construction and indoor air quality and efficacy of authoritarian controls in the U.K. Policies A policy is a set of programs proposed and espoused at a personal or group level. Group-developed policies are proposed at a higher level involving governmental or non-governmental policy makers. A housing policy is a contractual insurance denoting that housing is a right of an individual independent of income level, social class, political or religious position (Shidlo, 1990). Policies are excellent preferences as compared to law restrictions, since the latter can coerce or prohibit certain procedures that are necessitated in conducting a process. Protocols show-cased in policies, especially in housing policies rationalize
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