An Assessment of Siwes Implementation in Line with Educational Reforms in Nigeria

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This paper titled “An Assessment of SIWES Implementation in Line with Educational Reforms in Nigeria” reviewed the functions of the various actors saddled with the responsibility of implementing the Students Industrial work Experience Scheme (SIWES). It concludes that although the scheme is not defective in design, its implementation still leaves much to be desired. It particularly identified the placement of students, payment of student allowances, inadequate supervision, and lack of tailor-made training programmes as some of the problems preventing an effective implementation of the scheme. There is also the fear that the scheme may be scrapped for NCE students as contained in the proposed reform agenda of the National
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Maintain separate account books for SIWES
j. Submit comprehensive report to the ITF after the programme iii. The Employers
a. Accept students on Industrial Attachment (IT) and assign them to relevant sections
b. Attach experienced staff to the students for effective training and supervision. Each industry based supervisor should not supervise more than ten students at a time
c. Control and discipline students on IT just like their permanent staff
d. Pay students monthly allowances as at when due on behalf of ITF
e. Provide medical care for students within the limits of their conditions of service during the period of attachment
f. Follow the joint tailor-made programme during the period
g. Permit representatives of ITF and educational institution based supervisors to visit students on attachment
h. Grade students as provided in the assessment at the end of the programme and submit same to their institutions iv. The Students
a. Participate in SIWES orientation programmes before proceeding on attachment
b. Be regular and punctual at their respective places of industrial attachment
c. Avoid unnecessary changes in places of industrial attachment
d. Comply with employer’s rules and regulations
e. Keep proper records of training activities and other assignments in their log books
f. Arrange for their accommodation during the period of attachment
g. Submit to ITF through their institutions their evaluation reports duly completed by

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