An Assessment of Sony Corporation’s Organizational

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Introduction “It’s a Sony!” Sony is one of today’s leading brand in electronics, from personal to home entertainment audio and video system, communications gadget, broadcasting and other professional electronic devices, personal computer, digital camera, to robots. Sony Corporation is a Japanese electronics giant, and has now evolved into a multinational company. This essay brings to light Sony Corporation’s organizational culture and structure. Also, it is going to analyze the extent in which organizational culture and structure impede or contribute to the effectiveness of the organization. The following paragraph shows a brief history of the work organization. A Brief History of Sony In 7 May 1946 at…show more content…
It is interesting to note the underlying ideologies behind these objectives that Sony Corporation has set. The national culture is evident in the way these objectives are created, aside from the fact that this work organization was born during the aftermath of the World War II. Mr. Ibuka has pictured that his company will serve as his contribution for national development, and that technology is the key to their growth. This is in line with the national advancement that the Japanese government was aiming at then. How reliable is the very first incorporation objective? In an interview with Mr. Yoshihide Nakamura, the current deputy president of Sony’s Core Technology and Network Company, when asked to describe the existing culture within Sony, his testimony says, “…But Sony’s culture is a mix of very Japanese thinking and not very Japanese thinking. In a sense we are very free. We are not forced to do anything as long as we are doing a good job. You really have freedom in Sony. If you’re innovative, you are given new opportunities. Some people who may not really be suited for anything in other companies can still survive in Sony. They will be given an opportunity to try to realize their dream. … (Beamish 2000)” These are Sony Corporation’s management policies. The

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