An Assignment : Fine Art

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Assignment One: Fine Art What influenced these paintings? Would these same messages translate through time if the paintings swapped places in history? Fine art is more than just paint on canvas. Historical events, social, educational and physical experiences of the artist season their work and influence the way the artist transcribes messages to the viewer, influencing their ability to receive those messages. Two oil paintings containing the same subject matter can be incredibly similar and yet different in the influence they have on the viewer. C.F. Goldie’s ‘Ena Te Papatahi’ (1902) and S. Minson’s ‘Effulgent Self’ (2009) are two such paintings. Both contain realistic portraits of a Maori woman, but painted over 100 years apart are interpreted very differently by audiences in their time. Goldie was born in 1870, just 2 years before the end of the last of the New Zealand wars. From 1845 – 1872 many tribes were embroiled in a fight for land rights with the European lead government. After these wars a large amount of land in the North Island was taken away from the Māori, displacing them from their homes and forcing them to choose between integrating into a more European life or to move further away from the newly formed towns. Many Māori lives were lost during the course of these wars - “Historian James Cowan suggested that over 500 British and colonial forces and about 250 kūpapa (Māori supporting the government) died. The number killed on the other side is even harder to

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