An Assignment On An Hr Process

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1. An HR process has been revealed to be the source of inefficiency in onboarding new persons served in a Morning Star state. This process touches billing and payroll as well. Describe how you would address the issue in narrative form and provide a brief list of “do’s” and “don’ts” related to correcting this process problem. The first thing I would do is set up a meeting with the HR, billing and payroll specialists whose state is being affected by this inefficiency. The primary goal of this meeting would be to identify what, specifically, the inefficiency is, how this affects the workloads and productivity of each department, and get their input on what they each believe would be the best corrective course of action. From that discussion, I would help facilitate the specialists in formulating a tentative solution, while helping to solve any potential hiccups that might arise. Once a tentative solution has been fully developed and mapped out, I would organize and help lead another meeting with the specialists and directors of all three departments. The primary goal of the second meeting would be to present the solution to the directors, gather their input on what they like/dislike about the presented process, and discuss with them any potential problems they see. Based on their answers and input, the specialists and I would make any necessary adjustments to the solution process accordingly. After everyone has come to an agreement, I would help implement the

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