An Assignment On Counseling And Counseling

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Task 1: Counselling Skills- Counselling is a process which enables a person to resolve personal or psychological problems by the provision of professional assistance and guidance reach decisions affecting their life. Counselling is sought out at times of change or crisis. Talking therapies such as counselling can be used to help with many different mental health conditions, including: • Depression • Anxiety • Eating Disorders • Drug misuse. Counselling aims to help you deal with and overcome issues that are causing emotional pain or making you feel uncomfortable. It allows you to explore difficult feelings which you wouldn’t be able to on your own. The counsellor is there to support and respect you and your views. They won’t usually give you advice but they’ll guide you and help you find your own insights and understanding of your problems. Other problems which counselling can help you with are: • Bereavement or relationship breakdown • Redundancy or work related stress • Explore issues such as sexual identity • Feel more confident. At the beginning of the counselling session, the counsellor will initiate themselves and the client. The counsellor makes it clear about confidentiality and the boundaries that the counsellor offers. Confidentiality is very important, the identity of the client is never revealed and nothing is repeated outside of the counselling session. However, there are some legal expectations. For example: if the client is in harm of themselves or threatens
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