An Assignment on Web Design

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DECO1400 Web Design: Assignment 1 | April 12 2013 | Student Number: 4321386 | | Executive Summary: I have been given the task to design a web based personal portfolio of myself aimed at potential employers. The website functions as an online resume for employers to view at their leisure. It will have number of pages containing data that would be sought after by employers. The webpage must be designed in a way that would appeal to employers in the field I wish to be hired in. I have chosen to advertise myself as a student studying to be a software engineer. Goals The planned website must be at least five pages in length, must be designed to accommodate my target audience being possible employers, must have a consistent and…show more content…
I believe it’s very important to offer an almost effortless way of contacting me so as to remove the possibility of being removed as a potential employee due to being difficult to contact. The page itself is fairly bare, it consists of three text areas for user input and headings labelling them. The first text area is for the name of the person contacting me, the second is for their email so I can reply to their messages and the third is for the actual message. The button below the last text area when clicked will sent the inputted data to me as an email. Qualifications: The qualifications page is a purely informative page. It contains details of any certificates or other official credentials I possess in drop down menu’s. When in compact form all that is displayed is the title of the certification, when expanded a short description is supplied along with a PDF download link of the official document. References: The references page Contains a series of tiles containing details of references I have received. Each tile contains a title of where I gained the reference as well as a brief description of the reference and a PDF download of the letter of reference. Its purpose is to give the potential employer another view of myself other than my own. Site Map: Below is the site map for my planned website. It displays all the pages planned as well
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