An Associate Professor Of Mathematics At Southwestern Oregon Community College

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Kyriakos Kypriotakis
NEH Summer Institute 2016 Presupposition and Perception: Reasoning, Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics
Application Essay
Born and raised in Crete, Greece, I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Southwestern Oregon Community College. Before working for Southwestern, I was a graduate student at the University of California at Irvine, where I earned a doctoral degree under the supervision of Dr. Martin Zeman. While living in Greece, I earned a Master’s degree in Logic, Algorithms and Computation from University of Athens.
As a tenured faculty member at Southwestern my workload is based on a combination of teaching and service to the institution. Currently, I am the chair of the Faculty Senate, and serve in Achieving the Dream Committee on Student Success (co-chair), the College Data Team (chair), and organize the student Chess Club. Also, I advise about 25 students every quarter. As an advisor, I will work with the student to assist her/him to identify their academic values and goals, clarify academic policies, college regulations, and program requirements.
My purpose of teaching mathematics is to heighten ones math-knowledge, and increase his/her skill in thought and reasoning. To transmit the sense of joy and excitement I find in learning and applying mathematics, enable students to understand information around us, and prepare them for further studies in math and science.
My teaching experience has been long and varied. I have taught

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