An At Home Recovery Center Before A Breast Implant Surgery With Gummy Bear Implants

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Creating an At-Home Recovery Center Before a Breast Implant Surgery with Gummy Bear Implants

Following a breast augmentation at Dr. G Cosmetic Surgery Center in Miami, patients need to remain sitting upright for a few days. Therefore, patients should consider creating their recovery area in the living room. A recliner makes a great alternative to a bed. If a patient must remain in her bedroom, she needs to place several pillows behind her back.

Patients should not bend, which is why everything they need must be elevated on a table. Patients can use a side table, nightstand or TV tray to keep the items they need elevated and within easy reach.

Items That Should Be Readily Available in the Recovery Area

Facial tissues Baby wipes Paper towels Medications Beverages, including water Fruits and vegetables for snacking (ready to eat) Telephone/Cell phone and charger (already plugged in and placed on the table) Remote controls (extra batteries) 2 small garbage cans (one for garbage and the other in case of nausea that leads to vomiting) Extra pillows and throws

Patients should purchase loose, oversized clothing that will not rub the chest area or put pressure on the breasts. Patients will not be permitted to raise their arms above their heads, therefore, patients need to choose tops that have buttons or zippers. Placing these clothing items on a raised surface (table or counter top) prior to the breast augmentation will prevent the need
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