An Attachment For Successful Emotional And Social Development Essay

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Attachment is a strong emotional connection between two people, often a bond between a child and caregiver. Since Bowlby’s (1969) theory, describing the importance of developing an attachment for successful emotional and social development, other researchers have theorised that not forming attachments affects individuals, including their possible development of mental health issues. Researchers have replicated Ainworths and Wittig’s (1969) Strange Situation experiment, using the results for further research. Kochanski (2001) investigated development in children with differing attachments through a longitudinal study. During ages 9 to 33 months, the bond between infant and caregiver clearly impacted on the infants’ emotional development. 54% of infants were initially found to have a secure attachment with their primary caregiver, and were very distressed during separation. However, at 33 months emotions were calmer, and became less angry. Conversely, 46% of the infants were described as insecurely attached. Both resistant and avoidant were most fearful and least joyful. Further, negative emotions increased by age 33 months. 2% of infants where unclassifiable as they became increasingly angry as more negative emotions developed. It is of note that the size of the study is regarded as quite small, making it difficult to find a significant relationship between attachment and emotional development; due to these results not being open to generalisation to the targeted
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