An Australian Based National Private Health Insurance

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Table of Contents 1. Background summary 2 2. Products and services 2 3. Pricing 3 4. Place and Distribution 4 5. Promotional mix 4 6. Conclusion and Implications for Marketing Strategy 5 References 5 1. Background summary Established by the Whitlam Government in 1975 Medibank is an Australian based national private health insurer. Within Australia, Medibank it is the largest health insurance with 3.8 million members. Previously an Australian government business enterprise, in 2014 Medibank was privatized by the Abbott Government, which now operates as a publicly listed company on the ASX. Medibank is a service that pays benefits that is provided by a doctor either in or out of a hospital, which are listed in the ‘Australian…show more content…
These include offers such as 24/7 medical emergencies or stolen baggage, unlimited cancellation cover, unlimited overseas medical, free global sim card, cover for any accidental winter sports like skiing, cover for pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, and children or grandchildren under the age of 21 covered for free. From these range of services provided they offer this insurance both domestically and internationally. Companies such as Medibank travel insurance are able to develop a product support service that enhances their customer service satisfaction and act as a safeguard against competitors. Good service companies focus their attention on both the customers and the employees. Companies such as these can understand the service-profit, which links service film profits with employee and customer satisfaction. Medibank travel insurance is analysed as service intangibility as it can’t be seen, felt, tasted or heard before bought therefore, the service providers task is to male the service tangible in one or more ways and sending the right signals about the quality of the service. Evidence management must be seen in which the services sends the right signals about the quality of the service. An example of evidence management would be NRMA. NRMA Insurance practises good evidence management as “no one really wants to buy travel insurance”. NRMA provides plain-English policy booklets, a phone helpline to explain benefits; a broad range of

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