An Australian Chain Of Discount Department Stores Essay

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Background Information
Kmart Australia Limited is an Australian chain of discount department stores (low-price stores), owned by Wesfarmers. It operates 191 stores in Australia and 18 in New Zealand, with its head office located in Mulgrave, Melbourne.
Kmart is a chain of discount department stores that include merchandise such as home entertainment goods, photographic equipment and developing, camping and fishing goods, sporting goods, toys, kitchenware, small appliances, storage & home organisation, confectionery, stationery, books, cards & party goods, furniture, garden supplies, automotive equipment, lighting, hardware, luggage, cosmetics, clothing and footwear.
The process I have selected is; customer order forms.
A customer order form requires: Employees name, date, customers’ contact name and number, product description, key-code and barcode.
Customer order forms are used when we don’t have the item on the shop floor or stock on hand, which an employee will then ask the customer if they would like to place a customer order. The customer order forms are placed in a file under its category at the customer service desk, the customer orders are to be checked when stock comes in. Therefore when the requested product comes in, the product is put aside with the customers details attached. We will then phone the customer to let them know that we have the product in stock and ask if they still want it, if so it will be at the customer service desk on hold.
The problem with

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