An Authoritative And Popular Sources Essay

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Report on Authoritative and Popular Sources Are you seeking informational resources within the business community? If so, look no further than the sources given in this report! I have selected three current authoritative sources and one current popular source to share with you. Though there are numerous authoritative sources in the business community, the three I selected are Bloomberg Business, Harvard Business Review, and Forbes. For my current popular source, I selected Investopedia. While analyzing both authoritative and popular sources I will explain what makes them authoritative or popular, describe their unique characteristics, and identify their intended purpose and audiences. Bloomberg Business Week can be accessed online or through a weekly magazine subscription. This source is authoritative in my discipline because the source is maintained by a large dynamic editorial team consisting of twenty-five individuals all from unique backgrounds and locations that each bring differing experiences (“Editorial Team”). Some examples of this include Marc Champion, editor for internal business affairs for The Wall Street Journal and Francis Barry, who was the director of public affairs for New York City and a chief speech writer for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (“Editorial Team”). This source is also accepted throughout the global business community as well as East Carolina University’s School of Business. One characteristic of this source includes the use of a
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