An Author's Life Is Reflected in Their Works

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I strongly believe that an author’s life is reflected in their works. Well-known authors all over the world claim that important events in their lives are mentioned in the books they write. Tessa Duder said that her sailing experience inspired her to write about some children sailing together in her short story Too Close to the Wind, Patricia Grace wrote Beans based on the sports she played with her relatives when she was little, and The Lumber Room reflected the revenge Saki used to play on his aunts. Tessa Duder, Patricia Grace, and Saki are examples of authors whose lives are reflected in their works.

Let’s take Saki, for example. His mother died when he was very little. Saki was looked after by his grandmother and two strict aunts
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Tessa Duder’s life is clearly reflected in her works from the examples shown.

An author’s life is reflected in their works. This statement is clearly proven with the British author who wrote 100 years ago and two New Zealand authors who still spend their time working on new book drafts. The storyline, the personality of the characters and the twist in the stories are often related to the events that happened in the author’s life. Through the eyes of a reader, I believe that their love for writing inspires authors to write. An author’s life is reflected in their
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