An Autobiography Of Kaiser Permanente San Francisco

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On the 23rd of January in the year 2003, at around 1:00 in the afternoon at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, I was born into the world. My parents, Frederick Torres Nangca and Rowena Aldana Nangca, and I first settled in my grandparent’s studio as a child. The space was small but open for the most part. From what I remember, the wall that was on the same side as the door had a drawer beneath the television where they kept most of their belongings. Just across from that was a blue couch that they had pushed up against the ten windowed wall. Next to the couch was a smaller beige dresser that held my grandfather’s extra clothes along with a few of my grandmother’s accessories. My grandmother and grandfather often held novenas and parties in honor of God.…show more content…
My grandmother at the time had worked as a caretaker for the elderly. Eventually, we had to move due to the lack of privacy and space at the age of three. I often went to my grandparents house because we had no other family at the time who was there to take care of me other than them. Before I came to De Marillac Academy, I went to Bessie Carmichael Elementary School which was where my grandparents continuously picked me up. Both my parents agreed that they didn’t want me to continue going to school at Bessie Carmichael because they knew I would end up at Bessie Carmichael Middle School which my parents considered as having an unsafe environment. Even if De Marillac is still in the Tenderloin, I feel much safer knowing that my parents were looking out for me and made the right choice to lead me to a better
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