An Autobiography of DeAndre Watts, a Freed Slave

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I am a free black, and abolitionist, living in the North. The time year 1845 and I was working at the docks in Philadelphia. I felt very out of place and discriminated against, for I was the only black person working on the docks. About every other week a slave ship came into port, thankfully that was all in those days. Every time one did I saw the fear of what was to come, and the weariness from the long and drawn out journey. My heart turned to stone and I felt like I wanted to do something about their situation.
One day while working my afternoon shift at the docks, a slave ship pulled into port. Shortly after docking they held an auction. I saw one woman scream and yell, and try to run away when she was sold to a white man. This woman was whipped on the spot by her new master. After these actions took place she stood up and said, right to her owners face, “Slavery will not be an option for us much longer. We have hope that we shall one day, in the near future we hope, be free. The slaves today are gaining strength. If slavery is not put to a stop, we will... The woman was stopped. She was shot and fell to the ground dead. I was so angry I nearly killed the man myself , but I restrained myself from doing what I felt was necessary.
After the event I witnessed that day I was filled with hatred toward slave owners, and I decided to take action. My plan was to go from house to house, starting with those I knew were abolitionists, advertising…
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