An Autocratic And Hierarchical Systems Of Management Give

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An Autocratic and hierarchical systems of management give way to democratic system that can manage various projects. A leader in an egalitarian society ensures that workers exhibit greater empowerment while using a flat organizational structure. In the first survey of leadership skills, the score was seventy-three. Any effective leader combines various competencies and leadership skills. Some of the personal attributes of any successful leader include having self-confidence and a constructive attitude. The survey shows that I have mastered the best skills as a leader. I will continue improving that trait emanating from previous successes. According to the survey, I have a good positive outlook that associates with strong leadership. The…show more content…
With that, I have strong motivation to lead. As a leader, I have the confidence to motivate other people in my team. It is essential for a democratic leader to distribute responsibility in the best way possible and empower the participants. Such a leader has to devote a lot of time and energy to ensure productive and quality decision-making. Deliberation is essential for an effective democratic leadership that will facilitate and maintains a healthy relationship. Through deliberation, a leader will analyze and solve group issues. A critical reflection and critical evaluation can generate and assess the possible solutions (Klenke, K. 2016). Equality group influence should not show any form of discrimination. It is the obligation of the leader to vouch for equality of all the group members. A leader has to ensure that the entire group contributes to the process of decision making regardless of the education level. While all individuals have inherent limitations, such as being devoid of knowledge and emotions that jeopardize harmony, aggregating imperfect opinion in the best way will pave the way for collective intelligence (Woods, 2005). A leader has to test and develop ideology and individual argument to reinforce rationality with no form of biases. A leader has to accord the right to select own representatives other than imposing on them their leader. In the application of equality, a leader has to apply
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