An Average Day Analysis

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An average day. I wake up and get ready. Then my mom takes me to school and I go to the cafeteria and talk to my friends until the bell rings and then go to band with Benji and Riley. Then I go to study hall and me and Riley usually just listen to music and have fun. Then I go to math with Austin,Keely,Quinci,Marina,and Diego. After that I go right next door to social studies. After that depending on which day it is I either have study hall with Tomas,Taylan,Austin,and Mario. Then I go to science with Benji and Riley. And after that I go to language with Austin,Benji,Riley,and Kale. Then I go to hex which is really fun because I have Diego,Lupita,and Emma in there. After that I go to einstein time. Then I go home,and when I go home I either
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