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To provide original playful entertainment that serves a need for meaningful connection and celebration. This business sells games and other entertainment products. This business is commercial, but has a social conscience. It wants to sell to service a need, but also hopes to enrich the lives of those it serves as it addresses a need for meaning, not just connection or celebration. This business produces original IP to compete in the entertainment industry. This business will not produce entertainment that is divisive or for purely solitary consumption. This business might start with party games and could produce festival and large scale events in the future. It could provide games for existing conferences, festivals and other large events. 2) Next, create an outline for a business plan by answering the following “nine questions every business plan should answer”: Who is the customer? 16-23 year-old students who play board games and computer games, enjoy geek culture and currently attend high school or university. They are looking for ways to connect and make friends. They are smart and like intellectual conversation and have a perspective on pop culture that is critical and irreverent. Their sense of humour enjoys Monty Python and Hitchikers Guide to the Universe. They enjoy satire and silliness. They find pop culture a bit empty, they read fantasy and science fiction. They feel different from the mainstream and sometimes feel isolated and socially awkward. How

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