An Computerised Test Assessed Social Intelligence Using The Social / Emotional Cognition Task ( Sect )

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ask Analysis

The first computerised test assessed social intelligence using the Social/Emotional cognition task (SECT). The main purpose of this test is to measure the cognitive domain of social cognition. Social cognition examines how humans process, store and apply information about social situations. It focuses on the role that cognitive processes play in social interactions. Social cognition focuses on the way we think about others and how it plays a major role in how we think feel and act with the world.
In the computerised test, the pre-test instructions ask you to “tap the odd one out”. The test presents 4 pictures on the screen at once where one of them is different in a way and the odd one out, the subject must pick the odd one out as quickly as possible.
The unit of measurement used is arcsine transformation. This consists of taking the arcsine of the square root of a number. The higher the score the participant receives, the better the performance is considered. The average time taken to complete the test for “healthy” participants is seven minutes. (Cogstate, 2016)

The second computerised test assessed memory and learning using continuous paired associate learning task (CPAL). The main purpose of the test is to measure the cognitive domain of memory and visual learning. Memory is a humans ability to store information and retrieve information through different structures and processes of the brain. “Memory is the process of maintaining information over time”…
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