An Concept Of A Learning Disability

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Firstly, it is interesting the concept of a learning disability individuals think of immediately which is a dysfunction of the human brain not quite working correctly. Learning disabilities unfortunately come in all shapes and sizes; they do not end with human beings but can extend into an organization as well. Organizational learning disabilities are flaws such as lack of communication or a bridge in the gap which some type of operational system is not quite working properly. In addition, the thought of a Fortune 500 company having a learning disability is hard to grasp because of the success that they measure at. To be more specific Walmart is known to be the large corporation the world. According to the Fortune 500 organization, Walmart was ranked number one for the largest and highest net worth out of all corporations. But even the largest and the most “successful” companies have its flaws. After all, how do organizations learn if mistakes do not occur? It is obvious when walking into a Walmart store, regardless of the location, there seems to be a few concerning issues that involve both the employees and the customers. Walmart leadership seem be lacking communication as they choose not to hear the screaming cries of their very own employees. Because of Walmart’s efforts to save money by paying low salaries and under staffing their super stores it has led to poor employee satisfaction, not to mention the unfavorable ratings are trickling down to its customers. This paper
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