An Controversial Issue Of Drinking Water Crisis

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Clean water crisis One of the most controversial issues today relates drinking water. It could be defined as drinkable water or potable water which is safe enough for drinking and food preparation (, 2016). Many people argue that some countries are meeting rising problems of not having enough drinking water. For example in Africa, a lot of people suffer and die daily from various diseases because they have unclear, dirty, contaminated water. This essay partly agrees with this statement and will illustrate this issue in term of how important the water is, the causes of getting less clear drinking water, two technological solutions which is waters desalination and groundwater wells and how to apply these solutions to Chad in Africa. Widely, clear water has been getting less because of many reasons. The most two effect causes are the increase of people number and the pollution of rivers (, 2016). This is because, the world wants more drinking water for the huge people and it is not like the past when there were a few people and at less 1 liter for one person a day. For example in China and India, it is difficult for Chinese and Indians governments to give enough drinking water for the people, so water is so expensive there. Furthermore, the rivers was one of the sources for having good drinking water, but farmers and some companies had contaminated the river until the they have been damaged completely

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