An Critical Review Of Knowledge Management

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Introduction / Background
The following provides a critical review of Knowledge Management (KM) within Defence organisation. Defence is one of Australia’s largest organisations charged with the responsibility to defend Australia and its national interests. Defence is a unique environment which incorporates members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF (Army, Navy and Air Force)), Australian Public Servants (APS) and internal and external contractors. Defence has 11 major organisational groups. Defence organisation is spread nationally and internationally, its complex structure and size creates unique KM challenges.
Noting the size of the organisation and that my experience is limited to Defence People Group / Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) the review will focus on KM within these organisations and cross over to the general overarching KM which aligns with Defence KM methodology. DFR is a public/private sector collaboration between Defence and Manpower Services (Australia) Pty Ltd (trading as ManpowerGroup) to deliver recruiting services to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). DFR is a composite organisation comprising personnel from the ADF, Australian Public Service (APS) and ManpowerGroup.
DFR comprises a national headquarters in Canberra (HQDFR) and 16 Defence Force Recruiting Centres (DFRCs) throughout Australia. The organisation is divided into 11 key functional areas.
Current State of DFRs…
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