An Crowdfunding Platform For The Humanitarian Community Support Humanitarian Operations And Organizational Innovation

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WHAT IS BEEHIVE This is a unique crowdfunding platform built for the humanitarian community support humanitarian operations and organizational innovation. Hive is how to support the popular group for charitable purposes, social and charitable. However, the hive in the platform, which serves only a specialized vertical pressure funding. In other countries, it is maintained and as a coded platform by various volunteers that match the design of the user input. Bees live and raise their young in a closed or protected structure. A basket can in a hollow tree, an empty box, an old drum or the wall of a house. European bee lives in about 40 liters, or 20 inches by 16 inches box by 9 inches. Africanized bees are not as selective, but that 's…show more content…
A natural beehive is built like a bird 's nest to protect citizens. The internal structure of the basket, a group of cells of the dense hexagonal beeswax, so-called honeycombs. Bee-use cells to store food (honey and pollen) and housing to "race" (eggs, larvae, pupae). Artificial hives have different purposes: production of honey, pollination of neighboring plants, bees supply of housing for the treatment of apitherapy as a shelter for bees in an attempt to reduce the impact of Colony Collapse Disorder, and keeps bees as pets. TRADITIONAL ARTIFICIAL HIVE Traditional hives only provide a framework for the colony. Since the structures to remove the hives have created their own in the closets were not provided. The comb is often destructive Cross confirmed and can not move freely. Sometimes it is to distinguish it as a "fixed frame" of modern hive "move" part hives. The harvest usually destroy the hives, but there were some adjustments with additional upper baskets that can be removed when filled with honey bees. They were gradually moved the hive box sizes, with or without frames, and finally replaced with the latest equipment. Breaking the honeycomb wax to squeeze the honey - honey from traditional hives generally extracted by pressing. Because of this vintage, traditional hives typically provided more beeswax but far less honey than a modern hive. There are three basic types of traditional beehive; Hives, clay / beehives,
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