An Current Struggle For Plenty Of Bloggers

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This is a good question and there square measure many things that you simply will do to skyrocket your traffic, those things conjointly tend to be that that plenty of individuals tend to forget. This is AN current struggle for plenty of bloggers. The state of affairs goes a trifle like this: You pay days and days of some time researching and learning a way to build a diary. Then you place along some extremely nice content and retail it to you. But nothing happens. I’ve been there, and a lot of other bloggers have too – you’re not alone. The problem is that we sometimes have a tendency to miss out the most crucial step – planning. It’s the foundation for any successful blog post. Without having that solid foundation – you just…show more content…
Blogger Ben – Ben blog’s regularly but has a flare for writing and is looking to top up his income by writing for other bloggers. Business owner Bob – Bob has recently started to invest in content marketing and is looking for some talented writers to work on his blog. Agency Alison – Alison works for a marketing agency that is focused around content marketing, she needs talented writers, designers and developers to outsource work to when her in house team hits capacity. One you know the type of people you are targeting, it’s time to drill down a bit further and ask some serious questions: What motivates them? What are their fears and worries? What challenges are they facing? What questions do they have? I usually fill out some rudimentary personal information to give me a better idea on who it is that I am targeting which can include: job title, income, family status and hobbies etc. You can also grab yourself a free template with a 100% filled out example and additional questions by sharing the post below: DOWNLOAD YOUR PERSONA TEMPLATE Click one of the share buttons below to access your downloadable persona template. Tweet296 This page has been shared 296 times. View these Tweets. A full example has been filled out for you but what is important to consider is that everything has to match with this type of person – it can be a challenge to do this correctly if you don’t
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