An Discussion Questions On Advertising

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Tincen Vithayathil
CRJU 306.WB1
Assignment #4: Theoretical Discussion Questions

Chapter 6 (#1):
In our society, we are supplied with an abundance of advertisements that attempt to convey goals of society. Advertisements are found in magazines, billboards, commercials, websites, and more. In addition, the message that advertisements attempt to convey may vary depending on the audience. Advertisements can contain subliminal messages which are hidden messages placed in ads to enhance appeal and attract consumers. One of many advertisements that we frequently see are car ads. In the Lexus F-series commercial, the message is clear that buying a Lexus will provide happiness, power, and love. The commercial goes as far as saying that buying a Lexus will excite envy and illicit pride. This advertisement seems to target the younger, upper-class. The actors in the commercial are dressed formally, and the setting takes place in the night scene. This commercial is a great example of how advertisements attempt to portray happiness and good looks through material things such as cars. It is apparent in the view of the advertisement-maker that driving a Lexus sports car will others feel jealousy while the driver is prideful and confident of himself. As a young adult myself, I can see why driving a sports car is enticing or desirable. Young adults have a high tendency of driving at higher speeds than older adults and seniors, so targeting this population specifically is the…

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