An E Commerce Website Essay

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Organizations today face a lot of competition in the market and they try every day to find new ways to stay ahead in the race. To achieve what these organizations desire, they require data and some efficient analytical applications to analyse this data. Analysing the data and making certain decisions towards the growth of the organization, to remain ahead of the growing competition, forms the crux of competing on analytics. Most companies today make use of such analytical applications to make decisions that are best suited for them. Flipkart is one such company. Flipkart an e-commerce website was founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal (Chairman) and Binny Bansal (CEO) – both graduates from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. They previously worked for, and left to launch their own e-commerce company named Flipkart Online Services Pvt. Ltd. in October 2007. Flipkart uses E-kart and PayZippy, its own logistics arm and payment gateway respectively. In 2012 Flipkart launched its own brand called ‘DigiFlip’ which include products like tablets, laptop bags, USBs, etc. Ability to Compete on Analytics An e-commerce company such as Flipkart requires a lot of tools for analytics especially when it has to compete with companies like Amazon, EBay, Snapdeal, etc. Flipkart runs on the principle “Whichever tool solves our problem best” to select right tool for its operations. It makes use of a wide range of tools to perform analytics like Adobe analytics, Apache Hadoop, Apache
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